Police SWAT Lobbyists Mobilize to Cover Their Assets

After more than 30 years of fearmongering that drug lords are going to take over all our cities and suburbs, does anybody actually buy that argument anymore? And, of course, we’re not even talking about high-crime communities. Even though they’re 15 miles apart, Ferguson, Missouri, is not at all like crime-riddled East St. Louis, Illinois.

We should expect these kinds of arguments to attempt to distract us from the real issue of overarming police departments and overusing SWAT teams. In Los Angeles, in the midst of consideration of whether to press charges against a highway patrol officer who beat up a woman on the side of the freeway and an agreement to a $5 million settlement to the family of a man killed by the Los Angeles Police Department following a high-speed chase, the LAPD credits a BearCat for protecting police as they dealt with a violent shootout earlier in the week.

FK – I personally don’t care if they have a bazooka in their trunk as long as they are forced to acknowledge my right to have one in mine. What I care about is what’s in their hearts and minds. If the Bill of Rights isn’t first and foremost in both and they don’t know their first duty is to protect the Bill of Rights, for the U.S. Constitution and their own state’s constitution then we have a severe problem. We must get control of how these Jr. Nazis are educated.