Police Chief Admits Gun Rights Are a Headache

FK – The significant thing to me is we have a reporter walking around in ‘America’ with a bullet proof vest on. We are in the middle of a slow escalation.

The communist(liberal and progressive) insurgency responsible for this evil must be rooted out as well as those truly responsible for the ‘drug war’ and the ‘welfare state.’

The police ‘leadership’ answers to the “Liberal”(commie) trash that runs these larger cities. They are our enemies, our greatest enemies. If we had a nation of men they’d be hanging from light poles and trees from shore to shore, from border to border.

The goal needs to be for everyone to be able to defend themselves under liberty. The ameri-commies will gladly arm themselves and repeat what they did all through the 20th century, murder in the name of their evil authoritarianism.

The Federale goons would just as happily arrest you if they felt they could get away with it with the black-robed shysters and beast system prosecutors standing by to railroad you into prison.

We need a nation-wide force to deal with this evil. We need it yesterday, actually two decades ago and more.

And it’s so funny and so sweet that the mainstream commie newswhores were beat up by the products of their propaganda and the evil system they defend and seek to enlarge. Too bad the thugs didn’t rid us of them completely. They will happily see us all killed for opposing their communism.

The best ‘management’ we could employ for this situation would be an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season whereby we eradicate enough of our blood domestic enemies to restore Liberty and the Bill of Rights to this country for they will not stop forcing their evil upon us until we force them to stop.

From Oathkeepers:

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