Piers Morgan’s anti-gun documentary ignores own weak audience appeal

Piers Morgan is going to make a documentary along the lines of Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine,” the failed CNN talk show host told Politico. The wide-ranging interview included catty remarks about his former associates along with no shortage of his trademark smug detachment from reality.

“I’ve been approached by a couple of big independent producers in Hollywood to make it,” Morgan revealed, albeit not naming any names, to media reporter Dylan Byers. “I’ve got a big offer on the table from a big player in Hollywood to fund it. We’re not quite where we both want to be yet, but we’re negotiating hard, and other people might come in.”

It’s big. Real big.

FK – There is only one cure for such arrogance and it comes with lead or hemp or a good solid Louisville slugger.

Piers Morgan wants back on American television