Patriots STAND Up and DEFY TYRANNY in this Courtroom!

FK – Where are the words ‘press pass’ in the First Amendment?

We have the tech today to deal with this. All courtroom proceedings should be streamed live to the net, at all times.

The black-robed shysters are our employees. End of discussion. The shysters in general have too much power. Allegedly there was a 13th Amendment to prevent them from holding any political office. We need to look at that again and find a way to keep their club out of our government.

Have they tried to work through the legislature to get the ‘law’ changed and to put the shysters in their place, as our servants?

Here’s some more elected, appointed and hired public servants who don’t know their place, as our SERVANTS:

FK – Let me give them a hint: ‘Good guys’ don’t put their paychecks and retirement plans before their oaths to uphold the Bill of Rights.