Patriots Confront BLM & Show How to Take Country Back

FK – Truly historical. Let’s see what the NWO’s next move is. It may take years.

More vids below…

Common sense and history shows what will happen. They can’t let the rabble have this kind of power against them. After this dies down and the supporters go home the Bundys had better have security and be prepped for a 3 am black-suited Nazi raid whereby they will be murdered or rail-roaded into prison.

Enforcing evil laws for a paycheck and a retirement plan. How pathetic. How disgusting.

Court orders? Lots of Federal black-robed shysters are commies who will support any commie law and order any and all who oppose them murdered or rail-roaded into prison. Their rulings mean nothing.

Tensions are a long damn way from being ‘defused’ my dear little newswhore…

If cows crapped that much the tortoises would be swimming. Too bad the PTAWTB aren’t drowning in it.

We are on the verge of a major transition. The question is what will we transition to, a new form of real human liberty or a new form of slavery, that in fact, we already exist under, but will only get worse.

We already look like ‘kooks’ to the average dumbass who’s more concerned about the latest ‘game’ on the weaponvision than the loss of his Liberty and country, if indeed she even knows what Liberty is…