Paris Isn’t Paris Anymore | A Story About The Last Time I Visited Paris

FK – The “Liberal”(commie) trash want us all disarmed so we can’t say no to their insurgents or their muggers. Just think, in new yawk city and other places in amerika this could happen and if one were smart enough to be carrying a gun the armed ‘victim’ would be a victim of commie law that says we don’t have a natural born right to defend ourselves. And our republicrats that we voted into power are doing nothing about it.

The white-skinned commie criminal class did this, not their invaders. Who are our real enemies?

I was in Paris a couple days back in ’88 and it does look different. Few to no tall buildings. London was the same. I think I remember seeing more non-whites in London. The French would often say ‘No English” or some such if asked a question. Likely they just didn’t want to fool with me.

I remember reading an article in a British rag about some party crashers that showed up and proceeded to carry the stereo out the door and no one did a thing to stop them. So this problem goes back a long way.

A new birth of Liberty, or death