Owner of looted Baltimore shoe store on handling of crisis

FK – Well, gee. He’s dumb enough to think the police are there to protect him and his property. I just can’t feel sorry for these sheeple any more.

The SCOTUS  has ruled multiple times the police have no responsibility to protect anyone.

Is this another Ferguson?:

FK – We can’t know unless we were there. We can’t trust the govt. We can’t trust the newswhores. We can’t trust the commie organizers who are really causing the violence. Nothing will get better until the upper middle class, the smart people with money, figure out there’s no more corn in the trough and commit themselves to doing what will be required.

Baltimore riots: Who will protect rights, lives and property of city’s residents?

FK – This doesn’t get as many hits or as many views or ratings:

FK – They need to be marching on their legislature and their city and county government buildings. Commies protest. Real patriots work for real ‘change.’

It’s official: Police were ordered to stand down and let the Baltimore riots rage out of control

Up until now, there had been some unconfirmed reports that police in Baltimore had been ordered to “stand down” during the riots, but nobody had been willing to come forward and go on the record.  Now that has all changed.  Michael Lewis is the Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland and what he has to say is absolutely jaw dropping.  When he saw what was happening in Baltimore, he gathered up some of his fellow officers and drove down to the city to help.  But when he got there, he says that all of the police were being ordered not to take any action and to let the rioters destroy property.  Lewis made this astounding claim during a discussion on a Baltimore radio station

FK –  Gee, why didn’t someone point them to the white “Liberal”(commie) trash neighborhoods and say “There’s Whitey!”

The commies are firing for effect. What are their real goals for all this? Looks like it’s going to be a long and interesting summer:

FK – They don’t have the manpower to oppress us equally. If enough understood that we outnumber them this could be fixed…

And they will refuse to listen to the few with any common sense:

FK – I’ve long said that if Jesus was walking down the street today the preachers would be screaming the loudest to kill him again.

Well, at least she’s making an attempt:

FK – Does she understand how the commie newswhores that are interviewing her are part of the system that have done so much intentional damage to her race?

Baltimore and Their Crap-Happy Looters

FK – The basics will always be popular… So stock up on things like brass, copper, lead and steel. It will be needed.

This guy has his priorities straight:

FK – Ice cream has long been at the top of my food pyramid…