Organizing a Right-Wing Ukrainian Militia? There’s an App for That

Ivan Panchenko, the app’s developer and creator, cited concern among users that the application could be used by outsiders to gather intelligence on the Right Sector’s activities. According to Panchenko, security features will be incorporated in the near future, including geo-blocking to prohibit downloading the app from within the Russian Federation, a response to pro-Russian users using the app to troll Pravy Sektor members. Developers are also planning to implement a more secure messaging protocol.

Panchenko, who says he is a student and not a member of the Right Sector, had the idea for the application after the revolution in Kiev. It was pulled together within a single month in order to create a platform for Ukrainians to communicate in a “fair and friendly atmosphere.”  “Within this application, we are all one family,” Panchenko says. He also tells Vocativ that they are planning an English version of this application with additional features. “No state has tried to block our application, so we are fine,” he says.

FK – One wonders how well this will work. They seem to be farther along than we are:

In Kiev there is growing concern about militias. On March 31, the Right Sector was held responsible for a shooting near the Maidan square in which three people were wounded. Police raided their headquarters and reportedly uncovered a cache of weapons. A day later, the Ukrainian parliament voted to disarm paramilitaries, paving the way for the authorities to act against self-defense groups that sprang up during the wave of protests against the previous government.

FK – Click on the second link and watch the vid. There is ‘no proper time’ to hand over your weapons. They seem to have an incomplete understanding of human Liberty.