Open Letter to the Adjutant General of Washington State

Most people know and understand that the Governor is the commander of his state’s National Guard.  What many may not know is that he has a military officer under him to actually administer those commands.  This position is called the Adjutant General, and for Washington, state law sets out several pages of what his duties are.  The most important one, and the one we’ll be dealing with today, is found in RCW 38.08.020, where it states that the Adjutant General is the “executive head” of the organized militia, or what we call the National Guard.

Major General Bret Daugherty is the current Adjutant General of Washington State.  After graduating from his ROTC program as a Distinguished Military Graduate in June of 1980, he received his commission and served on active duty until 1990, when he went to the National Guard.  He has served as the Adjutant General since 2012.

FK – Patriots have been writing stuff like this for years, not that they shouldn’t, but it’s sad and sickening that after all this time so few ‘patriots,’ and ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians,’ and on and on understand the necessity of it… or the necessity of what will ultimately be required.