On Pot Nullification, AG Holder Admits Limits to Federal Power

As such, Colorado and Washington — along with the approximately two dozen states so far that have ended prohibition on marijuana for medical purposes — are well within their rights to nullify unconstitutional federal statutes and United Nations mandates claiming to criminalize the controversial plant. When asked by Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) whether federal statutes override state law when there is a conflict between the two, however, Holder waffled. He said that while U.S. statutes are “generally” supreme in many cases, that is “not always true” on all matters.

Whether Washington, D.C., can force state governments to criminalize a particular behavior with a federal statute is “an interesting question,” Holder continued. “There is at least an argument that could be made that the federal government could bring a supremacy-clause suit against the state,” the attorney general said. “But there is an argument that could be made that a state cannot be forced to criminalize something, so it’s actually an interesting question.” In fact, even the federal supremacists on the Supreme Court have already ruled that the federal government may not commandeer state and local governments.

FK – Click on 2nd graph for story. Funny how they ‘don’t have the power’ but some ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians’ pretend we have to obey our tyrannical governments’ evil laws until we can ‘peacefully’ change them all while we exist with a gun barrel in our face and the threat of black-suite Nazis breaking down our doors.

This is a nation of cowardly whores or that granite gallows would already have been installed in front of every govt. building with a county level militia force on hand to make sure it gets good and constant use.