Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!

Watching the occupying armies of Ferguson, even the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, one of the many long-time members of the “only cops and soldiers should have guns” faction, appeared to wake up, vaguely and reluctantly. They admitted that Ferguson police had breached rules of civilized conduct and noted, “the government’s “monopoly on force” must be subject to civilian control.”

Credit: Reuters/Philip Andrews

“Yet millions (including the still-sleepy CSGV) remain willing to believe that these horrors are the result of “a few bad apples” (forgetting that the operative phrase is “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel”). People believe that people killed in SWAT raids must have “asked for it.” They watch their local police parading Bearcats and other military equipment down the street on the Fourth of July — and never imagine that those items are for use against them.

The ignorance of the unaware is one thing (though how anyone can remain unaware of what’s been going on these last two decades is a question in itself). But some who profess to be shocked or horrified only now reek of hypocrisy.

FK – Been waiting for years for things to get bad enough for the average dumbass to wake up to the reality of what will be required. Has it finally started?