Obama’s DREAMer poster girl portends nightmare for gun owners

Does anyone seriously maintain this is not an issue that affects gun rights? Besides Wayne LaPierre and those who work for him? Are there reasons –besides ignorance, laziness and apathy – that Gun Owners of America stands alone among organizations warning firearms advocates of a danger that will undo legislative and judicial gains once the Democrats, with their documented anti-gun party platform, become the major “pathway” political beneficiaries?

President Obama’s action is personal for me, too, Astrid. And somehow, I doubt it was done because of his deep personal humanitarian concerns. But being a committed “progressive” activist, you no doubt know that.

FK – No surprises here. I’ve thought for a while the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group was infiltrated. But maybe they didn’t have to. It was founded by Yankee generals after all, because they wanted conscripts for the empire that could shoot straight and kill any mischievous ‘rebels.’

Scott Walker trial balloon from NRA director ignores amnesty danger

‘We’re coming for your guns,’ says Tallahassee columnist

FK – As I’ve written many times before, when guns are outlawed “Liberal”(commie) trash season begins and the newswhores die first.