Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners

Obama wants more UN-styled gun control

Right now White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…… and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.

They’re on their way to the UN Small Arms Conference, to be held in Mexico City on August 24.

And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.

It’s important that you contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.

Obama has already signed the UN Small Arms Treaty and it is waiting ratification by the Senate.

Obama’s global gun grabbers are jetting down to Mexico to iron out the details of this tyrannical new regime.

It requires signing nations to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.”

That means not just NATIONAL gun registration. You will be entered into a GLOBAL gun registration database (according to Article V, Section 4 of the treaty).

ACTION: Click here to contact your senators. Tell them to vote NO on any UN gun control agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.

FK – Until we begin to twist some hemp around the necks of those responsible for such garbage it won’t end. But that will require a nation of men, something we don’t have as far as I can tell.


Murray signs Seattle gun tax; Detroit top cop has better idea

FK – They’re not ‘progressives.’ They’re communists. Calling them by the cute names they labeled themselves with to hide their evil only furthers their agenda: our total enslavement.

It’s not about crime. Crime is a red herring. The “Liberal”(commie) trash want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally awake to the necessity of doing what will be required.

I’ve long been in favor of ‘re-wilding’ the cities. Spend the money some want to waste on a border fence and enclose our real enemies. Erect a 14′ high fence around all major metropolitan areas and release grizzlies, cougars, wolves and rattlesnakes. Then let the eco-commie freaks ‘get back to nature.’ Disallow those who choose to arm themselves from shooting any wildlife that is feeding on “Liberal”(commie) trash.



Oathkeepers, in partnership with CATI Armor, are asking for support from our members to help raise money to get liberty artist and honorary OK member Jordan Page’s powerful 2nd amendment anthem ‘Arm Yourselves’ professionally recorded and to produce a music video. We will be adopting Arm Yourselves as a national theme song and will use it and the music video as a flagship tool for direct outreach to active military on bases in the US. The video will feature Oath Keepers from around the country standing in solidarity against state violence and corruption.

Here is a live performance of Arm Yourselves from Jordan’s performance at PAULfest in 2012.

FK – Click on the header link to read the lyrics. We need millions more like him.

This one’s even better:



FKIn reality the word ‘illegal’ isn’t in the Second Amendment. If they come under the purview of the police the question is why aren’t they arrested and sent home, with their gun?