Obama Must Be Impeached And Removed To Stop His “Amnesty” Of Illegals

In an article on WesternJournalism.com they report: “Even though Obama himself has called such executive action illegal 25 times, as documented by Fox News, the president is now planning to issue a unilateral decree that will declare up to 5 million illegal immigrants eligible for amnesty.”


Already, Republicans on Capitol Hill are reacting strongly to the long-expected executive order. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz assails the presidential action as “the tactics of a monarch.”

GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa says, “The president is throwing this nation into a crisis.”

Indeed he is. His actions are unprecedented, unconstitutional, and will cause a firestorm. Even Obama, in previous days, has condemned the same actions he is now taking (rule by Executive Order to circumvent Congress) as “unconstitutional.”

FK – They impeached Klinton. Now it’s making millions on speeches and book deals. It will take far more than spanking a tool to fix this mess if it can be fixed:

Armed Patriots En Route To White House To Arrest Obama

FK – Unless they have at least 3 million brave patriots, who probably don’t exist in this entire country, it’s a fools errand.

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FK- Trying to figure out now how to listen to this. The time isn’t Eastern I don’t believe. It’ll probably be available somewhere else later on. Things will have to get much worse before enough wake up to the reality of what will be required.