Obama-Bloomberg Minions Renew National Effort to Take Away Your Guns

And there are at least 15 Democrats running for the Senate in pro-gun states on the lie that they care something about the Second Amendment.  Some are no-name challengers.  But at least eleven are currently members of the Senate.

If they are allowed to go into the election without taking an actual position on gun control — one that makes a difference — and, if they are elected to the Senate, the Second Amendment will be in grave danger in 2015.

For this reason, I am hoping that you will force a Senate vote on changing the Senate rules to prohibit any gun control.  Harry Reid has already blown up the Senate rules to pack the circuit courts with anti-gun judges. And The Washington Times recently reported that Reid is looking to further weaken the filibuster rules — a parliamentary tool which gun rights supporters have used to protect the Second Amendment.

So Gun Owners of America is supporting a Senate rules change like this:

“It shall not be in order to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, motion or other matter which would impose gun control or impede any American’s Second Amendment rights.”

FK – How much longer until we install the granite gallows in front of every government building?