Obama Administration Retreats on “Choke Point”

Pat yourselves on the back!

As you will recall, GOA rallied gun owners several times over the past couple of months in opposition to Operation Choke Point.

Well, faced with a devastating barrage from the Second Amendment community, the Obama administration has staged a hasty retreat on its plan to shut off credit for gun stores through “Operation Choke Point.”

According to an article in The Washington Times, “[g]un retailers are no longer on a hit list deemed ‘high risk’ by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. after the banking regulator formally withdrew [this list]” last week.

The FDIC said its efforts to destroy the gun industry “led to misunderstandings.”

FK – There are no ‘misunderstandings’ in this war. Our blood domestic enemies know full well what they do and there is only one cure for them: war crimes trials and executions.

An Open Letter to President Barack H. Obama

FK – See, that’s my problem, I’d never be able to address the trash with ‘respect.’