NOT SATIRE: FOX Calls for “Over-Militarized” Police

FK – If we’re destroying the Bill of Rights, which is what makes us awesome, in the name of fighting ‘the bad guys’ what are we gaining? Nothing but more slavery.

It’s not their god that’s the midget. It’s the human mind that created it that’s still small, limited. But you’ll never get most of them to understand that.

It’s the same human nature, the world over:

Guru who ordered 400 followers to be castrated ‘so they could be closer to God’ is investigated for grievous bodily harm in India

FK – Being threatened with eternal torture for not doing the ‘right thing’ is certainly not ‘free will.’

Slavery vs. torture is not ‘free will.’

Considering real consequences in the real world is.

Does non-belief in free will make us better or worse?

FK – If millions of ‘believers’ suddenly stopped ‘believing’ what percentage of them would suddenly start doing evil things, i.e. committing real crimes against other people or their property?