No Guns Allowed For Weed Smokers

FK – So have they changed and now say pot if physically addictive? Hadn’t heard that one.

The question that matters is why does a certain percentage of the population have an inability to deal with ‘casual’ drug use, or in other words what causes addiction and how can it be curbed if at all?

But it’s more profitable to fight the ‘drug war’ for all involved and lets morons soothe their little false consciences.

Getting the morons who want to call it a ‘sin’ and the morons who want to stay high all the time and ban guns with or without pot and pretend we all exist in a rose garden will require them to surrender their precious personal versions of authoritarianism.

Good luck with that.

Let’s see what our domestic blood enemies have to whine about it:

FK – That’s a bb gun you morons. I bet you had to hire a retired cop to come in and take it out of the box and put it on the table for you. Pathetic trash.

Irrational? This demonscat is irrational and as the trash admitted at 2:45 or so willfully ignorant all the time. There will be only one way to deal with it. I’m calling for an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season.

One thought on “No Guns Allowed For Weed Smokers


    So we’re legalizing weed. It’s not a problem. Other places you need a “card”.
    But now if you smoke it and have an identifying “card”, NO GUNS. I guess weed hampers your thought patterns or throws off your coordination. Do you still get a drivers license? Could be more of a problem behind the wheel. Oh – you have a right to drive. Oh, no – you have a right to a gun. Oh – no – the agenda is to disarm everyone. Yea, you weed heads can drive – NO GUNS.
    None of this is about safety.

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