New type of homemade ammo could make 3-D printed guns more practical, accessible

A safe 3-D printed gun, by the way, would disappoint certain “gun control” advocates who apparently do not expect their claims of being concerned about violence to face much scrutiny. Andrew Goddard, father of Colin “The Alchemist” Goddard, left this charming comment on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page:

I think they should have let him print a “fully plastic” gun, he would no doubt have blown his “fully plastic” head off!

Goddard, though, cannot touch the vile evil of this bravely anonymous commentator on a gun ban zealot’s blog:

I’m gonna download that plan, modify it to blow up in the hand of the shooter, and dump the modified plan back into the source. We who oppose guns can flood the printing dump with defective plans, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Most likely idle fantasy on his part, but clearly a quite fond fantasy. People like him and Goddard want us disarmed–want their beloved “government monopoly on force” protected even in the face of technology that promises home gun manufacture for the masses–and would be perfectly happy to see us maimed or killed for their sick agenda.

Crumling’s innovation brings some more bad news to those pursuing that agenda, and that’s very good news for those of us who believe liberty is worth fighting for.

FK – Are our blood domestic enemies finally showing their true colors? They have been for decades but so many are too blind to see or hear. They prefer adult fairytales.