Never Forget: The Left Hates Your Guts

Over the years, I have reached out to many folks on the left and have tried to discuss our ideological differences. In doing so, I would put forth an apology of sorts on what I believe (and why) regarding a wide variety of events and subjects and inquire as to their point of view.

I have been successful in contacting some well known figures on the left and many not so well known (but never the less, influential). Other than a prominent author of Esquire Magazine, the usual responses I received back have either been dismissive, ugly, mean or vitriolic.

Very recently, I wrote an article for TPNN about the “Truthy” project at Indiana University. I followed up by reaching out to all the Principle Investigators, Research Team & Alumni associated with the project. The bios of the folks associated with the project along with the sources they used in their publications show clear evidence of their progressive, liberal political leanings. I simply wanted to communicate and explain why a conservative taxpayer (who is therefore helping pay for this project) would have a hard time trusting “Truthy” since it is headed and run mostly (if not completely) by progressive liberals.

The sole response I received back was from Karissa McKelvey, who is part of the research team. Her response? Two words: “Go Away”. It should be noted that it states in her bio that she is a “people person”. I am not making this up. Her response has been tame compared to many I have received in the past. Many professors from well regarded universities have spewed vile profanities at me. Others, (a high level well-known spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center comes to mind) have been extremely uncivil to me in their responses. Many more have gone so far as to wish me and my family bodily harm or death.

FK – After a few months, nearly 20 years ago, of trying to ‘be nice’ to the “Liberal”(commie) trash I began to figure out what they really are and how evil and dangerous they are. There’s truly no such thing as casual friends.