Nashville readies for NRA, let the bashing begin

Upwards of 70,000 Second Amendment activists will descend this week on Nashville, where the National Rifle Association is holding its 144th annual members’ meeting and exhibits, and will hear from declared, and likely-to-declare, presidential candidates.

Indeed, NRA staff and members of the Board of Directors are already showing up, and finding a hotel room anywhere around the city just might be impossible. It could be one of the biggest NRA gatherings in recent years, the kind of event that makes gun prohibitionists shudder. And there’s a full schedule of events and activities.

Translation: It’s “Bash the NRA Week,” something of an unofficial, but annual, media frenzy to bloody the political waters whenever the association’s leaders and members gather for their annual convention. It’s as predictable as November rain in Seattle. To hear the NRA critics tell it, the organization is responsible for every tragedy under the sun. They want to arm criminals. They want to arm terrorists. They’re a shill for the gun industry.

FK – One wonders if attendees will be required to disarm before hearing their future masters speak as they did when I attended the NRA convention in Louisville a few years back. I well remember the idiots standing in line to listen to the McCommie neocon NWO hack speak.

There’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for such complicity on the NRA’s part, They are applying to be our elected public servants, not our masters. They are supposed to FEAR us. When they cease to fear us they begin to rule us. Oh, they already are because too many lack the resolve, the backbone or the gonads to comprehend what will be required.

One thought on “Nashville readies for NRA, let the bashing begin

  1. revisedhistory

    I’ve always felt the NRA was, in some instances, a little soft and willing to back down a bit. I support the Gun Owners of America, which has taken a no compromise position on all gun control measures.

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