Mitch surges to a solid lead over Alison even with a Libertarian Party spoiler in the race

Oopsie. There goes Democrats’ hopes that the Libertarian Party candidate would steal enough votes from Mitch McConnell to sway the election to Alison Lundergan-Grimes. 

Leftwing political blogs had been abuzz last few days with news that the Libertarians had qualified for the ballot in Kentucky. (They needed 5,000 signatures and turned-in north of 9,000). The LPKY managed to recruit a pretty solid candidate – clean cut, well-spoken, former cop. And there is some solid evidence now, that the Libertarian would influence the race.

FK – Not so sure a McConnell loss would be such a bad thing. Things will have to get much worse before the sheeple wake up to what will be required.