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FK – Just some of the better or more interesting stuff I ran across during my years on the net. Click on the pix for enlargement. Click on the links for real enlightenment.

What I’ve been trying to get across for so long:

So like their heroes the “Liberal”(commie) trash is…


A pet peeve of mine:

magazine or clip

Well, is it punk?:

knockout game eastwood myturn

Some things never really change. Just bow down to your earthly masters, you’ll have paradise in the next life:

Kneeling to Criminals

Raisin’ ’em wrong, to be mindless blindly obedient slaves:

kids cavity search

Thou shalt not kill really meant you only kill when ordered to by your Earthly superiors, then generate propaganda to justify it:

killing one person

Yep, they’re really that stupid:

kill animals for food

Dial 911 and die:

killed in mass shootings

A gun in a kid’s hands is better than a kid in a predator’s hands. But the “Liberal”(commie) trash don’t see it that way. Who are your real enemies?

kid gun

We have “Liberal”(commie) trash trying to overthrow our form of government and destroy the Bill of Rights. Unless we eradicate enough of them, and soon, we can easily predict what’s in store for future generations, slavery:


It’s a matter time till we will be forced to do what will be required:


In case the ‘peace and love’ thing doesn’t work out:

gandi misdeeds

April 19, the day they shot back, should be our biggest holiday:

july 4


job bukowski

Yes, it’s true. Think about it the next time someone tells you we can’t mention or question the un-mentionables. In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. If you have that you have a good indication of who really rules you.

jewish donkeys

All for 3000-year-old tribal propaganda. How pathetic:

tax dollars to israel

We started out with statesmen. Now we have tools.

jefferson and marxist mutt on tyranny

Pretty much:


Obligated to the right, duty and responsibility to do what will be required.

jefferson unjust


‘Tis such a pity that we’re not:


Bad faith from the start:

to put down slavery

It’s damn near dead:

tree of liberty

Think like a slave, act like a slave, deserve to be treated like one:

what the sheeple deserve

Every presidential election cycle proves it:



people govt.

The ‘flaw’ is a system that won’t prosecute a known domestic enemy for waging war on the Bill of Rights and executing it as it deserves:

the point

That word they love so much:


terrorism violent acts



terrorists govt is

poor and powerless

It would be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic:

busted dog

Don’t worry, you get to vote:

armed sheep

There are alternative forms of ‘voting’:


Neither does the average amerikan apparently:


In reality he’s carrying the garbage men themselves who work for masters that ain’t us:

taking trash out

I’m not sure the average amerikan has a ‘mind’ any more:

to achieve world govt.

Bush the First said it was in favor of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Klinton said it was against it then pushed it through congress which was controlled by ‘the party of the little man’ during it’s first year in office. The elites want us to be poor and desperate for their ‘jobs‘ so that we’ll show up on time, do what we’re told and never ask inappropriate questions:

right vs left

Which is why most are willing slaves:

willing to fight for

And he ain’t gonna get beamed up either:

apocalypse fainting

remote control

What they really mean by ‘government service’:


The biggest criminals wear expensive suits and carry smart phones and consider us to be livestock:

col cooper

Our blood domestic enemies stick a gun in our faces every time they vote, and they vote to kill you for not obeying their evil laws:

helping people at gun point

Yep, it’s that time again:


Best meme I’ve ever seen:


They’d be holding the treason trials by  now:

forefathers shooting by now

And call it a militia, you know, that word that’s in the Second Amendment, not some PC nonsense about community service. It’s about hunting and killing tyrants, nothing more, nothing less:

form a militia

They left out the biggest and smallest groups – those who don’t give a damn and never will and that tiny minority in every generation that will actually stand and fight:

three groups

They’d probably spit on us for our cowardice:


It’s good to be educated, but it can be hard to learn anything once one has been educated:


This is why I call it the ‘Marxist mutt’:

See, nothing ‘racist’ about it at all. We’re all ‘mutts.’ Allegedly all the world’s peoples outside Africa have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA and I have ‘Amer-Indian’ blood in me through both my parents. I don’t lie awake nights worrying about it either way.

More memes and links to come.