Military-Like Precision of Paris Terror Attack Has Many Asking Serious Questions

FK – A couple of smart college age ‘kids’ who’ve watched a few YouTube vids could probably act just as calmly. Just sayin’. Humans are more capable than they realize of steeling their minds to certain realities. Military training is no guarantee of success or ‘professionalism.’

FK – What a newswhore says in relation to reality doesn’t mean a whole lot anyway.

I’ve hunted all my life and shot that caliber. The angle looks right to me. It’s a possible complete miss but there’s no guarantee that a high velocity full metal jacket round which is probably what was fired would immediately produce blood and gore.

I’ve shot watermelons with high powered rounds and it usually takes a center shot to make them explode. Otherwise you just blow a chunk off. A human skull is not a watermelon. This is a low grade vid from a distance as well.

I’m not defending or attacking anyone but we also don’t need to be adding to the confusion.

Focus on what the govt.s will do in name of these events. We can hold the war crimes trials after the war to figure out who really did what.

Best to prepare for what will be required.