‘Might as Well Just Say No Black Folks Allowed’: Bar Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Dress Code

But most commenters on KMSP’s website seemed to completely disagree, saying it was about conduct, not race.

Flat bill hat = hispanic
sleeveless undershirts = white trash
baggy clothing = black
Equal opportunity offender, finally, a store that wants decent people.

How did anyone come up with this Dress Code being Racist and Targeting Black People?
I see plenty of Whites and Hispanics that dress like this.
I look at the list and they are Targeting Gang Bangers, and wanna-be Gang Bangers.
And lets not look into Michelle Horovitz she has no agenda here.

FK – I see white kids out here in the stix dressed like this. They should include ugly, poorly done, or obscene tattoos. I miss the days when only sailors and ex cons had them.

And it’s not “Liberal” hypocrisy. They’re commies. Call them what they are. Calling them by their cute names only helps them hide their evil from the ignorant.