Meet the Press Joins Sen. Paul in Guatemala- August 24, 2014

FK – The authoritarians on the right and ‘left’ are scared to death of Paul. Personally I think he’d do more good in the long run with a career in the Senate than maybe only one term as an ‘approved’ prez. He won’t get in if he’s not approved by the elites and if he does what he should do in the now red house they’ll kill him.

At the least the only way to fix this mess is a constitutional amendment to forbid all forms of socialism and all forms of gun control now and forever. But that will require enough who claim to value liberty putting their lives where their mouths are and doing what will be required to rid our country of all forms of authoritarianism. I don’t think enough are mature enough for that. Too many want to worship the government or some sadistic asshole of a god who will torture all the people they don’t like alive in fire forever. How sad.