McConnell: ‘Our Goal Is to Fund the Government’

In response to another question, McConnell said, “It’s always appropriate” for Congress to “use the power of the purse.” But he also noted that the president “has an important trump card — it’s called the veto pen.

“So, there will be ongoing negotiations in the various efforts to fund the government, both this year and next year, about priorities. This is not unusual. And we do have different priorities. And somehow we’re going to have to work out things and make progress for the American people.”

McConnell noted that the American voters “chose divided government,” but that “doesn’t mean they expect us not to do anything.”

“And we’re not going to be able to get everything exactly the way we want it, and he’s not going to be able to get everything the way he wants it. That’s why we have compromise.

FK – My posted comments:

I’m sick to death of republicrats who feel they have to ‘compromise’ with a force whose reason for existence is the destruction of the Bill of Rights and this entire country. Time to start thinking about what will be required.