FK – The govt. won’t tell us all it knows about this world. Expecting it to tell all about things it probably barely understands is childish thinking. Every voter should be required to read ‘The Prince.’ It shows how governments work and have always worked.

They probably fear there would be instant religious war. Billions have been indoctrinated in the propaganda that the world is always about to end and when ‘the gods’ come back they’ll show us how to exist(as their slaves), and whether they’re fakers or real will be the point of contention.

It might be the best way for the aliens to destroy us… Or maybe they know it’s a phase we must pass through.

Here’s the documentary referenced in the interview:

FK – Not my kind of hamburger. When I posted the ‘Strange Harvest’ vid I thought it was the original complete. I appears to be but with human mutilation info with a computer voice narration added after the original. I can’t find the original by itself complete on YouTube. It seems to be here chopped up into four segments.

It’s good some are trying to sort through the bravo sierra and not clinging to simplistic explanations for the unknown and mysterious that surrounds us:

FK –  There are fakers and hoaxers in all realms. Religious fundamentalist ‘young-Earth creationists’ immediately come to mind.