Lanier clarifies rules for carrying guns in D.C.

This guidance document follows an “impact” teletype issued Sunday.

“Effective immediately, pursuant to the decision in Palmer … and the directive of the Attorney General of the District of Columbia, members of the Metropolitan Police Department shall not enforce D.C. Official Code … until further notice,” that directive instructed.

It also provided three sample scenarios, the first noting a D.C. resident carrying an unregistered firearm should be so charged, the second noting a Vermont resident with no criminal record would be free to leave (with the potential for further investigation), and the third instructing a Virginia resident with felony convictions should be arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.

“In addition, members of the Firearms Registration Section are prohibited from refusing registration of handguns solely on the basis that the objective of the applicant is to carry the handgun in public for self-defense,” the impact statement cautioned.

FK – That trash needs to be ‘guided’ up the steps of the new granite gallows in front of the D.C. City Hall.