Koch brothers-related PAC in Kentucky gov race

A new political action committee with ties to the billionaire Koch brothers has formed in Kentucky with plans to get involved in Kentucky’s Republican gubernatorial primary on behalf of Hal Heiner.

And another political action committee supporting James Comer began running ads in four radio markets that reach into Kentucky on Friday, a sign that Kentucky’s 2015 gubernatorial race is heating up.

The Bluegrass Action Fund filed its organizational papers with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on March 18 and, according to sources close to the fund, will back Heiner, a former member of the Louisville Metro Council.

The group lists as its chairman Alan Philp a conservative activist and the chief operating officer of Aegis Strategic, which the Huffington Post reported is funded by David and Charles Koch, the billionaire businessmen who have funneled tens of millions of dollars into political races in recent years.

FK – Just what we need, Another NWO hack. Need to get behind Comer. He’s more likely to actually beat whatever commiecrat he opposes. He appeals to the ‘conservative’ democrat farmers in this state.

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FK – So which mainstream newswhore approved NWO hack will sign it and end commie care? Are we really that naive?