Koch Brothers and Friends Pouring Millions Into Midterms

Americans for Prosperity, one of the Koch Brothers’ key operating units, in its efforts to bring its conservative influence into national politics, is expected to spend more than $125 million in the 2014 elections.

After getting thrashed in the 2012 elections, when the brothers and their friends spent nearly $400 million with little to show for it, they have adopted much of the Left’s political organizing strategy and database management strategies. They’re determined not to make the same mistake twice.

In January, the Koch Brothers were able to raise nearly $170 million from their conservative friends, and they expect another $130 million from their California fundraising seminar held in June. The results are already being felt. Through its American Energy Alliance (AEA), it is pouring millions into ads targeting Democrats in close Senate and House races, criticizing them for their opposition to building the Keystone XL pipeline. Last year, thanks to those efforts, Congress ended a two-decade-old tax credit for wind energy companies, pushing them one step closer to standing or falling on their own without taxpayer subsidies.

FK – If Human Liberty and the Bill of Rights aren’t the ‘brands’ they’re pushing they’re wasting their time and money, unless it’s really all just about ‘their’ money.