Kentucky Republican Primary Remains Toss Up

A new Public Policy Polling survey of the Republican primary for Governor in Kentucky, conducted Wednesday and Thursday, finds that the race remains a toss up. All three candidates are within 3 points of each other, and many voters remain up for grabs with less than two weeks remaining until election day.

Key findings from the survey include:

-The candidates are tightly clustered with James Comer at 28%, Hal Heiner at 27%, and Matt Bevin at 25%. 20% of voters remain undecided, and beyond that 43% of voters who are currently supporting one of the candidates say they’re open to changing their minds. So that leaves only 46% of the electorate firmly committed to someone at this point, with the other 54% of voters still persuadable.

-James Comer emerges from this week still having the highest favorability rating of the three candidates. 50% of voters have a positive opinion of him to 25% with a negative one for a +25 spread. Matt Bevin at +24 (48/24) is not far behind with Hal Heiner clearly lagging the field at only +11 with 44% of voters seeing him favorably and 33% unfavorably.

FK – Take Back Kentucky endorsed Comer. I agree, if for no other reason than he has an actual record as a politician, which means we have actions and votes we can look at, because what they say during a campaign means nothing. Comer was instrumental, with the help of pro-hemp activists, in forcing the Kentucky government to look at hemp as a viable crop for Kentucky farmers. I hope it’s all some claim it’s cracked up to be. The real question is why the hell are we asking ‘permission’ from the government to grow anything at all?

Of course the last question casts serious doubts on the intelligence of the respondents:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
of Mitch McConnell?


So many don’t have a clue and don’t want one. If you handed a lot them a clue on a silver platter they’d spit on it. Simple sad fact.

Court Rules NSA Spying Is Illegal, but McConnell Defends Patriot Act’s Section 215

Pressure mounts as Congress dives into NSA fight

McConnell has indicated he has no desire to take up the Freedom Act, which he has said would cripple American national security. In particular, he objects to language in the bill that would shift possession of the records database from the NSA into the hands of the private telephone companies, a proposal he said would undermine the agency’s control and slow the government’s access to potentially vital information.

“At best, the new system envisioned by the USA Freedom Act would be more cumbersome and time consuming to use when speed and agility are absolutely crucial,” he said in scorching remarks from the Senate floor on Thursday. “At worst, it will not work at all because there is no requirement in the legislation that the telecoms hold the data for any length of time.”

“Put differently, Section 215 helped us find the needle in a haystack, but under the USA Freedom Act, there may not be a haystack to look through at all,” he added.

Yet it’s unclear whether McConnell has the political support to push through a “clean” reauthorization of the law, given the likely opposition from nearly all Democrats as well as a handful of Republicans, including Lee, Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

FK – As I’ve said over and over again, we’re gonna have to go up there. Not packin’ signs. Even if by some miracle Rand Paul made it into the now red house the trash in the congress would stall or destroy any good he might do…

Don’t vote until you’ve asked the right questions and looked at their records and affiliations:

Questions for your candidate

Take Back Kentucky Endorses Ryan Quarles for Ag Commissioner