Kentucky goes ‘ACLU’ on Noah’s Ark

A Christian organization building a replica of Noah’s Ark has announced possible legal action against Kentucky after state officials demanded it give up certain religious rights in order to participate in a tax-incentive program for organizations that attract tourists to the state.

Answers in Genesis, which is building the life-size version of Noah’s Ark – 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and three stories high – announced Thursday it was informed by the state that it could participate in the tourism  program on two conditions.

The organization is required to “waive its right to include a religious preference in hiring” and “affirm that it will tolerate no ‘proselytizing’ at the theme park.”

Not possible, AiG responded, on billboard messages and elsewhere.

AiG said Kentucky officials bowed to pressure from secularist groups when it denied the Ark Encounter theme park an opportunity to participate in a popular tax rebate incentive program offered by the state’s tourism office.”

FK – What a dark age we exist in, mindless mythology vs. big government. Of course it’s all ‘inerrant’ and ‘symbolic’ at the same time. They’ll look at you with a straight fact and tell you their version, sub-version, or subversion of their very bad history, ancient propaganda, is right. It’s easier than thinking.

How many species on Earth? About 8.7 million, new estimate says

FK – And that’s not counting all the ones who’ve gone extinct over the last several billion years.