Jesuits: The Catholic Illuminati Mafia – Black Pope Superior General and His “Marines” Exposed

FK – Every pope for the last several has supposedly been the ‘last’ or ‘black’ one, kinda like every president since Bush the first is gonna declare himself dictator. If there’s really a sadistic god like the one most ‘christians’ believe in and an eternity it will take half of it to sort out all the evil that’s been done in the name of human kind’s particular insanity – religion.

Once I tried to find out why the catholics baptize babies. As far as I can tell it’s not a symbolic gesture to welcome them into the church but an act to literally save them from hellfire. But I suppose it’s not much worse than the protestants who regularly scare/cajole young children into ‘gettin’ saved’ as I was. I went through the process twice as a child so I should have two mansions in heaven. Several famous preachers have claimed to have gotten ‘saved’ as young as 5 years of age which means if they had said “No” and died soon after guess what. How disgusting.

Prime example, read the comments with this:

Halloween Witch: Nasty little girl needs a lesson on the first amendment

I won’t be in this realm long enough to see it change that much but the human race is truly insane and we’re still a very primitive species.