Jerry Falwell Jr Defends Concealed Carry Policy On University Campuses

FK – Who are our greatest enemies? The fundie ragheads that occasionally kill a few mush heads or those who would disarm us so we can’t kill them when enough finally realize the necessity of doing so?

Maybe some are catching on:

Gun Sales Spike Across the U.S.

FK – Christians aren’t killing each other over their various versions, sub-versions and subversions(unless you count the Branch Davidians that mainstream ‘Christianity’ lifted not a finger to help) because they have successfully been pacified into moronic mush heads. This worries me almost as much as the fact that billions of them are still OK with the idea that ‘their’ god will burn the vast majority of humans that ever existed alive in fire forever and all three groups of adherents to the ancient tribal propaganda are quite OK with killing millions or billions in their ‘final war.’

This tells us that humans are still a very primitive species and we still exist in a very dark age.