Is This The First Pro-Science Pope?

FK – It’s not about science. It’s about control and human nature. Religion, like democracy, is another form of manipulation. That’s why we need to demand Liberty.

“And that was back in 1988…” He says. LOL. Very LOL. You know back in the old days, when I graduated college and no one was arguing about this stuff.

But why didn’t you mention the name of the Vatican telescope: LUICIFER? Just search it.

The Catholic church has also said they’d happily work to convert any aliens that might happen to show up.

The Catholic church has long been infiltrated by communists. Look into the Jesuits. This Pope is a fellow traveler so the mainstream newswhores were tripping all over themselves to regurgitate whatever comes out of his mouth.

To my knowledge Jesus was never quoted as saying “Force thy neighbor to be a good Samaritan at the point of a govt. sword or gun.”