Is GOP Majority a ‘Win’ for America?

FK – We’ve seen this rodeo before. The bulls are cut and the horses are lame and no one has the courage to do what needs to be done with the rope.

Jeb Bush Will Not Run as a Conservative

FK – How could it? Only an idiot or political neophyte would consider it to be one. The latter types need to click on the link and read the article and gain an understanding of what the presidency really is: a puppet show by and for the elites. Nothing short of what will be required will end this permanently.

I mean gee, how could we expect the republicrats to do anything meaningful in the way of restoring Liberty when we know what they’re up against:

Don’t miss this one:

Cassidy Replaces Landrieu; GOP Gains Nine Senate Seats

Over the last six years, then, Cassidy has created a voting record which, according to The New American’s Freedom Index, has ranged from 56 to 71 out of a possible 100 in following the limitations provided by the Constitution, the same document that he swore to uphold and defend three different times while a member of the House.

That Landrieu cared even less about following the Constitution during her three terms is beside the point. Cassidy has already cast himself as a loyal Republican Party follower, even when the party goes astray and violates precious rights belonging to American citizens. In other words, Cassidy is no Tea Partier and certainly not a constitutional statesman.

FK – ‘Former’ commiecrat huh? The republicrat party is obviously full of infiltrators. Only many expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave. will fix this.