In self-defense: Edmonds shooting ignites hot debate

Published reports suggest the man apparently mistakenly believed friends still lived in the home, but the current family has been there for some time. He knocked loudly on the door at about 3:15 a.m. The woman called 911 and armed herself. When she opened the door and did not recognize the man, she apparently tried to close the door and he apparently tried to push his way in.

That, according to the various reports, the single shot was fired. It wasn’t fatal and when police arrived, they placed the suspect in custody and then he was transported to Harborview Medical Center. The Everett Herald reported yesterday the shooting is still under investigation.

Was this self-defense? If someone is banging on your door at about 3 a.m., is it prudent to arm yourself before answering? If you don’t recognize that person, do you dial 911? If that person tries to force his way in, do you shoot him?

FK – Well gee, if he had killed a bunch of people while driving what would the verdict be? Why did she even open the door?

More stupidity:

FK – They’re not all that stupid. They know why they want our weapons. So we can’t kill them.