Implications in a Domestic Insurgency

The populace are a significant part of the terrain, and just like any physical terrain feature, the human terrain can be used by you or be against you.  There are several people credited with the quote, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”  This is a really good reason why Hearts & Minds is important.  The US media is actively involved in running information operations targeting the populace, and their ability to sway the public is a persistent threat to the future of the Liberty movement.  Go read the The U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual.  The media is considered an asset of the enemy.  And put quite simply, the populace is a tool.  Aim them in one direction and pull the trigger; that’s exactly what happened after poor, little, seven year old Trayvon and the huggable, loveable, innocent little angel Dindu Nuffins who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  As an alternative, look at Alex Jones who infects the internet with lots of speculation and conspiracy theories, which is its own form of propaganda, and those pieces of information get disseminated among the Liberty and Patriot communities.  According to some people, a Russian invasion on US soil is imminent.  Information, whether accurate or inaccurate, controls people.  How can you influence your community to support you in your fight against tyranny?   (Pro Tip: The populace can support your cause, but reject your actions.  Before you act, better double check that those who support your cause also support your actions.)

FK – Someone has far more patience than I do. I tried this years ago. Most, as far as I know all, of those around here prefer mindlessness or worrying about the ‘end of the world.’ Things will have to get much worse before they pick up a gun and fight. Most will deserve whatever is done to them.