If gun owners demanded it, NRA could lead repeal of Obamacare

With the new Senate majority set to take their seats in January, the potential to repeal Obamacare is now within reach. The key to making that happen is the National Rifle Association.

Why should they? Association management only pursues what it calls the “single issue,” political votes directly impacting the right to keep and bear arms, and steers clear of other issues, even those important to a largely conservative membership. And there are many members who find that approach not only defensible, but desirable.

Besides, NRA made a point of claiming responsibility for putting the pressure on to amend the legislation to prevent “disclosure or collection of any information relating to” firearms and ammunition. With that concern sidelined, what’s left for gun owners to worry about?

Plenty, as NRA itself admits, alerting members to “Watch your guns around Obamacare,” which in turn links to a Townhall article by Intellectual Conservative editor Rachel Alexander that in turn cited an Executive Order that clarifies doctors are not prohibited from asking patients about guns.

FK – I attended the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group’s annual meeting in Louisville, KY a few years back, when McCommie demanded all who attended his speech be disarmed. I walked the aisles of their show and saw booth after booth of safaris and high dollar shotguns. Nothing wrong with that but it told me the NRA is essentially a rich boys club despite all their talk of common folk or whatever being members. They’ve given good grades to bad actors consistently over the years. Giving anything above an F to Reid or any other commie congress critter is an abomination because this is a war and guns are simply one more tool we are going to need to win it. But too many are in denial of this because they’re afraid of losing their big homes, boats, cars, pension funds, stock portfolios and on and on. We exist in a nation of cowardly whores. We should’ve had the militia force in place to deal with this evil years ago.