If feds slaughter patriot occupiers in Oregon, it will unleash an armed revolution across America… Civil War may be near

Reports that federal officials are headed to Oregon to try to “resolve” the situation where armed citizens now occupy a federal wildlife refuge building should raise warning flags for everyone. If the arrogant, tone deaf federal government attempts an aggressive assault on the compound that results in bloodshed, it might very easily spark a nationwide armed revolt against government tyranny in response.

On my podcast site HealthRangerReport.com, I’ve just posted a tactical analysis of the situation in Oregon, pointing out that if the federal government is rational, it is in the government’s own interests to see this resolved without bloodshed. After all, the nation is already on the verge of revolt as we’ve now seen with the outright rejection of both Democratic and Republican political establishments and the rise of presidential populist Donald Trump.

Tensions are running high across the board. More people than ever are now at the end of their ropes on issues like personal bankruptcy, loss of health care coverage under the Obamacare scam, loss of wages due to job cuts and the fear that comes from living with ISIS terrorists already inside U.S. borders thanks to an incompetent, race-baiting president who apparently seeks the deliberate destruction of America.

Add onto this the recent announcement that Obama and the cognitively insane leftists of the mainstream media literally wish to destroy the First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights, thereby enslaving all Americans under a regime of total thought control and complete disarmament.

FK – As I’ve been writing the last couple days, let’s hope they’re not too heavily infiltrated by fed nazi or NGO instigators.

Has Civil War Begun In America? Trump Tells America Clinton And Obama Created ISIS, It’s Surely The Season Of Treason – Why Are Obama And Clinton Still Walking The Streets?

Feds Arrive in Oregon to “Take Control of the Situation”

New York Magazine writer: I’d vote to kill militia members in Oregon ‘standoff’

FK – I agree that the Feds could ultimately come after them, but have they gone after those involved in the Bundy Ranch standoff last year? Do they realize they’re outnumbered?

The feds’ case: What they said of Hammonds’ resentencing

FK – “The fire consumed 139 acres of public land and destroyed all evidence of the game violations. After committing the arson, Steven Hammond called the BLM office in Burns, Oregon and claimed the fire was started on Hammond property to burn off invasive species and had inadvertently burned onto public lands. Dwight and Steven Hammond told one of their relatives to keep his mouth shut and that nobody needed to know about the fire.”

The fires were hot enough to fully consume several deer carcasses and make it impossible to determine if they died of gunshot wounds, poisoning, whatever? Uh huh.

My bet is this was once common practice by ranchers with leases and all of a sudden the fed nazis via the eco-commie trash decided to ‘crack down.’

‘Putting Lives At Risk’: Armed Protesters Vow Long Stay, Warn Gov’t Against Using Force

FK – The patriot movement won’t grow up until it learns to do three things:

Stop worrying about what our domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies that have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, including the mainstream newswhores, say about us. The last one of them to stretch a rope after the war crimes trials will still be lying as its last filthy breath spews out of its upper sewer.

Stop kowtowing to their “Liberal”(commie) trash ‘friends‘ who vote to kill them every time they vote.

Stop being cowards and start openly declaring what will be required to fix this mess if it can be fixed: an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season whereby we eradicate enough of our natural born statist/authoritarian vermin to restore Liberty and the Bill of Rights here.

How many will be truly ready for what we may have to endure?:

FK – Considering what’s going on out west right now this is very appropriate…

The ‘protesters’ held a news conference.

While others ask for help:

Good morning, new message from Jon Ritzheimer & Blaine Cooper to all patriots 󾓬󾓦😎share it please .

Posted by Saad Kooza Salman on Monday, January 4, 2016