I just freed an innocent man from death row. And I’m still furious.

Finally proving Henry and Leon’s innocence was a great victory, but what I cannot forget is that this case is, above all, a tragedy. Two innocent men — both intellectually disabled — spent three decades of their lives being, essentially, tortured by the state of North Carolina.

For Henry, it began when officers held him in an interrogation room for five hours and promised him he could go home if he signed a confession. He was naive enough to believe them. Then the 19-year-old spent three decades watching other inmates be hauled off to the execution chamber. He became so distraught during executions that he had to be put in isolation so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

FK – Our ‘In-Just-Us’ system is a total debacle. Whoever was responsible for this needs to be rounded up and put in prison themselves, for the rest of their existences in this world. That needs to be the ‘law.’