How to Fake an Alien Invasion

FK – Of course it’s fantasy to claim that whatever ‘disclosure,’ however defined, would automatically solve all our problems and make the various versions, sub-versions and subversions play nice with each other. The religions would find some verse that applies or re-write their books, scrolls, whatever as religion is always cultural anyway.

All the isms will seek to control, dominate, this issue to their advantage. Most of them simply haven’t been forced to yet.

Blue beam has been discussed for years. I don’t doubt some apparatchik dreamed up such a thing. Project Blue Book is another example of govt. duplicity, but that doesn’t negate this very real phenomena that’s been a part of human experience for a very long time, possibly since our beginnings, if it wasn’t a part of our beginnings.

Forget the guy with the funny hair on the History channel and think about all the pilots, going back to WWII, who’ve seen these craft and all those who claim they have had abduction experiences. The ‘Disclosure Project’ is one part of the ‘UFO community,’ many of which are well aware of these questions.

The ones to watch out for are those who claim they ‘know’ what it all really means.

The military was experimenting with projections over battlefields in WWI.

If the govt. or corporations have tech that is 50 years ahead of what we see in the department store or equal with ‘Star Trek’ as some claim what would a more advanced civilization from an older part of this universe be capable of?

The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time, or maybe we were ‘created’ to be slaves, or to ‘worship'(serve) some sadistic god, so how necessary is ‘mind control’ tech when most of the advanced primates practice monkey see, monkey do?

Maybe as some claim the planet is only 6,000 years old and we were made to be the slaves of a sadistic asshole god that knew billions of years ago that it would create billions or zillions of humans knowing full well they’d be burned alive in fire for all eternity?

Which is more outlandish? The ‘evidence’ or 3,000 year-old tribal propaganda?

The real question may be are we someone’s ant farm, petri-dish, nature preserve or farm, or all the above?