Homeschool Raid Ruled Unconstitutional by Missouri Court

FK – The government schools are full of sheeplets that come from ‘messy’ homes. We should be removing the ones who come from commie(“Liberal”/”progressive”) homes from the influence of their insane evil parents. This is exactly why we need a militia force in every county to counterbalance this kind of evil.

Cops taser, pepper-spray homeschoolers

FK – All of which is of course for the purpose of creating division and propaganda for and by the amerikan communist insurgency. We should be rounding the creatures up and kicking them out of the country. Here is the results of not doing so:

black culture gone-too-soonFK – And someone with some ‘common sense.’

FK – It shouldn’t have to be ‘about race.’ Our blood domestic enemies who have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world have made it about race. They are the creatures who ‘hate our freedom’ and are what our troops and militiamen should be hunting, not ignorant illiterate villagers on the other side of the world so the heroin market doesn’t collapse.

Read Darren Wilson’s full grand jury testimony

FK – The commies vs. the cops vs. us.