Hey Republicans, Read This — A Millennial Wrote It

5.) Have you considered the consequences of what you’re doing?

No, we haven’t. Our generation is actually predisposed to willy-nilly decision-making. (In case you didn’t pick it up, that’s sarcasm in text.)

We were raised on stories of heroism about our Founding Fathers. They rebelled against the spiteful British, knowing well enough that their demise was just around the corner. The consequence of death wasn’t a thought–creating a haven of liberty for their posterity was. That being said, we ask you this–have YOU considered the consequences of us NOT acting? Are we to sit by passively as our country becomes more divided, our money is spent, and our country heads towards the same fate as the Roman Empire?

Instead of assuming we haven’t thought about what will happen when we act, why don’t you consider that we may be like our Founding Fathers. The consequences YOU fear–the very fear that moved YOU to inaction–those don’t scare us. We’re more scared about our future if we don’t act. So yes, condescending person–we have considered our actions. And we’re proud of what we’re doing.

6.) You don’t have enough experience.

Experience in what? Running up debt in numbers that basically no one can fathom? Experience in saying yes to men who have been there for too long and no to people who are willing to work for principle? Experience in stripping liberties from all political sides? Experience in navigating a political scene and having little to no “street smarts?” If that’s the experience you want, keep it.

Experience in the way Republicans use it screams “old dude.” We’re not interested in following the ways of McCain in order to appease an archaic hierarchy of political movement. There’s no time for that. Perhaps the mindset needs to be “we have the experience, so let’s mentor the ones with the drive, the creativity, the stamina, and the will to serve” in lieu of pandering to a system that appears to care nothing about the people who truly drive this country.

FK – When I was ‘young,’ for some a relative term, I figured out that a lot of ‘older’ folk had clearly forgotten what it was like to be young. I was born the year Marilyn Monroe died and I still think this. Some of this is hormonal, some of it is just plain-old fashioned intellectual laziness.

Lots of ‘older’ folk can’t be dissuaded from the idea that just because they ‘did it that way’ for 40 years that ‘that way’ might not be such a hot idea, if for no other reason than ‘the times have changed,’ as they always do. Politics is human nature and vice versa, and cultural. Cultures evolve with time, if they didn’t we’d still be eating raw livers from fresh kills and sacrificing babies.

But for you ‘young’ folk: The generation or two immediately preceding you doesn’t carry all the blame, well they do, but this has been going on for multiple generations. A war was fought in the 1860s over some of these same issues and the bad guys won. But lots of ‘older’ folk can’t come to grips with this because it goes against their indoctrination just as so many of them can’t stop sitting on their asses waiting for the world to end.

This really has less to do with age and more to do with how much responsibility for the world around them any individual chooses to take on. Old political activists of whatever stripe can be as guilty of ‘going with the flow and doing what’s always been done’ as any apolitical sheeple.

I’ve struggled for nearly 20 years with the apathy I see around me on a daily basis and still struggle with the mindless allegiance to ancient propaganda, and those who still resort to using key terms and phrases made popular by the American Communist Insurgency and Marxist front groups whose job it is to divert us from realizing who our real enemies are.

The last few years I’ve been simultaneously quite happy and proud of a lot of young liberty activists and very disheartened by their own inability to overcome the indoctrination they’ve received from the government schools and universities and mainstream news media.

Someone wrote a long time ago that there’s ‘nothing new under the sun.’ If you really want to get into that watch the new version of Battlestar Gallactica. Yes, I’m serious.

Most importantly of all, you ‘young’ folk must understand something I still struggle with: you who give a damn will always be in the minority, even if you win and someday some kid will look at you and say “We ain’t gonna do it that way anymore.” Then you can smile and nod.