Here’s How Democrats Will Attack Gun Rights if U.S. Sees a Paris-Style Attack

So the pattern is already set. Facts do not matter, and, more specifically, the demonstrable failure of background checks is beside the point. Democrats and their willing surrogates in the gun control movement are determined to expand background checks anyway, thereby eliminating the private gun sales Americans have enjoyed since 1791.

In the event of a firearm-related terror attack expect the Democrats to tell us that our safety depends on expanding background checks to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. In doing this they will ignore the fact that expanded background checks already exist in France, were private gun sales are illegal, and yearly mental and physical background checks are required for anyone who would own a gun. Moreover, entire categories of weapons are banned from ownership in France–including the very weapons the Charlie Hebdo attackers used to gun down 12 innocents during their January 7 attack, not the mention the weaponry attackers were able to obtain and use to kill upwards of a 150 innocents in Paris on November 13.

We would all do well to learn from CNN analyst Tom Fuentes, who surveyed the landscape after the horrendous attacks in Paris and noted that Europe pretends gun control works but “it just doesn’t.”

FK – There is only one ‘fact that matters’: Our reluctance to hunt our domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies, “Liberal”(commie) trash, to extinction, is what will kill human Liberty in this country.

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FK – It’s way past time to change who gets to vote.

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