Have We Lost Our Constitutional Republic?

FK – I’ve known for years the communists/globalists oppose the battle flag and the south simply so they can say, “See, they were evil because they owned slaves,” so they can later say “See, the Founders were evil because they owned slaves,” which will provide an excuse to nullify, erase, all they did from history and our government.

Waking up is hard to do

There’s ‘some’ common sense left in Kentucky, but you can hold it in a spoon:

Panel: Jefferson Davis statue will remain in rotunda

“Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway, the candidates to replace the term-limited Beshear, both support removing the statue. Collins said a governor’s executive order, legislation from the General Assembly or a court order could overrule his commission’s decision.”

FK – Well there goes my vote for either mainstream candidate in the guv’s race.

When will we get a candidate with some gonads and backbone?

GOP Congressman Confirms John Boehner DOES NOT Have The Votes to Remain Speaker

FK – What is the primary purpose of any elected, hired or appointed public servant? To protect/enforce the Bill of Rights and expand human liberty.

Questions for your candidate

FK – The problem is this is a nation of cowardly whores and we’re allowing our real enemies, our domestic blood enemies, who have been working for 160 years and more to destroy the Bill of Rights and the idea of a limited government, to go on living and breathing. Their arrogance will not end until we force it to.

And we must get the creatures out of our schools and away from the children:

FK – The govt. indoctrination system is doing exactly what it was designed to do…