Has the time come to abolish ATF?

Today’s New York Times carries an Op-Ed about the unfolding controversy involving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ attempt to ban the M855 cartridge for modern sport-utility rifles that now has the conspiracy theorists having fits because an exemption for the round was deleted in the latest regulations manual.

The ATF has issued a press release calling it a “publishing error” that has “no legal impact on the validity of the exemptions.” The agency says the regulations guide will be corrected in PDF format, but that may not satisfy a growing number of angry gun owners, many of whom think it is time for the agency to go.

Those gun owners have company on Capitol Hill. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has, according to The Hill, revived his legislation to abolish the ATF and incorporate its duties into other federal agencies.

FK – It’s been obvious for two decades that we needed to eradicate that trash: de-fund it, repeal the evil laws it enforces, try it’s badged and armed bureaucrats for treason against the Bill of Rights and execute them then distribute their retirement funds amongst their enemies so I don’t really understand the question in the headline.

At the end of the day they attacked the Branch Davidian compound there should’ve been black-suited Nazis hanging along Texas highways for the world to see, but I and many others were asleep back then, stupidly assuming the gooburment had a reason for burning children they later claimed they went there to save when it wasn’t even in their jurisdiction to do so.

The fact that the perpetrators of that crime are still mostly vertical shows we exist in a nation of cowardly apathetic whores.

Further evidence:

SAF dismisses amnesty as a gun owner concern with NRA director endorsement

OK, but so what? What does any of that have to do with gun rights?

Really? Being a keystone objective of the anti-gun “progressives,” the Obama administration, and the Democrat party, which includes things like a renewed “assault weapon” ban in its national platform isn’t enough? How about the fact that all credible polling shows not only will this result in overwhelming support for the Democrats, but also that this population is overwhelmingly (71 to 25 percent) in favor of more government controls on guns?

Yet curiously, with the threat this has of undoing all legislative and judicial gains in gun rights enjoyed to date, especially through the confirmation of judges who will then be in a position to reverse such wins, only Gun Owners of America has consistently been sounding this alarm. Out of the national gun groups, only GOA intends to score politicians on amnesty.

FK – When will enough force themselves to understand that this is a war and our guns are only the tools we will ultimately need to do what will be required?

Don’t miss the comments on that one.

Court filing argues post-1986 machine gun ban ‘defies Constitution’

FK – The most important thing to understand in this war is that ‘they’ consider us to be livestock.

Governments will always be able to get guns thus we need to be better armed than them.

Guns and Crime Prevention – Myth: Private ownership of guns is not effective in preventing crime

FK – The communists don’t care about crime. Crime is a red herring. It’s about the WAR they are waging against human Liberty and their desire to disarm us so that we have no way to kill them when enough finally awaken to the necessity of doing what will be required.

See what the global communist insurgency and their elitist masters have reduced the Brits to:

FK – I like how he says “Squorral.”

The Brits are ‘allowed’ to hunt four-legged animals with their bolt-action rifles and over and under shotguns. There is no recognition of their natural born right, duty and responsibility to hunt and eradicate the two-legged animals that reduced them to their present state.

We must let our animals know we won’t tolerate such at the pain of their deaths.

3 thoughts on “Has the time come to abolish ATF?

  1. Steven H. Fridell (@Firewks99)

    The Brits can be funny! A whole dissertation on a BB gun-that can only shoot 50yds before holdover, with a scope. It would be more “sporting” of them to use open sights, I think. Don’t get me wrong, the Airgun of today can be pretty awesome, and cheap to shoot- I own one! But, that is not what this story is all about, is it, When WW11 broke out the short-sighted Brits needed guns-they didn’t have any. We supplied them. When WW111 breaks out, and the Brits again need to be supplied guns-will WE have any to give them? Think about it, about IT ALL!

    1. Barry Bright Post author

      The scope does look a little over done doesn’t it? I used to kill rabbits when I was a kid with a .177 caliber Crossman with open sights but they weren’t that far away. The Brits turned their guns into their govt. without a fight. They’re already conquered. Thanks…

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