Harvard Gun-control Study Destroys Gun-control Agenda

Buy a gun, folks — do it for the children. That could now be the message after the revelation that a Harvard University study has thoroughly refuted the gun-control agenda. The research, conducted in 2007 but suspiciously ignored until now, is enough to make a grown man cry — if that grown man happens to be Piers Morgan. Writes BeliefNet:

According to a study in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, which cites the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation, the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity.

In other words, more firearms, less crime, concludes the virtually unpublicized research report by attorney Don B. Kates and Dr. Gary Mauser. But the key is firearms in the hands of private citizens.

FK – No surprises here but does it matter?

The ‘crime’ issue is a red herring. Even if ‘gun control’ could be proven to lower crime it would still be evil.

All ‘gun control’ is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to more ‘control’ until full civilian disarmament is achieved. Thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against Human Liberty and executed.

When guns are outlawed “Liberal”(commie) trash season begins. The newswhores die first.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

Obama Considering Executive Order Mandating Gun Background Checks

Supreme Court to Announce This Week Whether It Will Hear Huge Second Amendment Case

FK – So when will the NRA start supporting the militias and helping real Americans get ready for what will be required?

Let hitlery win…
The Hitlery will do the same thing the Marxist mutt has done: Wake lots of sheeple up, piss lots of people off, sell more guns and ammo than her husband ever thought about and maybe, just maybe, awake enough to what will be required.

A republicrat NWO hack in the now red house will put the brain dead tea partiers back to sleep or send them back to the golf course.

Questions for your candidate

FK – Would those who would be our elected public servants really take a stand?

FK – We need many more like him but what we really need is a militia unit in every county to be ready to deal with any fed nazis that show up, or local yokels that decide to enforce any evil commie laws.

Does anyone wonder why?:

FK – See my standard answer above for what this trash will do if it wins. The same as the hitlery.

Don’t let yourself be part of the propaganda stream nor the emergency room stream:

Toddlers in the U.S. average one shooting per week this year: Study reveals 43 cases of shootings involving children 3 and younger in 2015