Hammond Protest in Oregon Is Wounded Knee 3

FK – If we are such cowards that we kneel before their propaganda in any situation then we deserve to be their slaves.

We should have been ready years ago. We should already have a militia unit in every county in the country to deal with such evil.

From on site in Oregon:

FK – If you’re up there try to pick out the fakers and instigators and kick them out.

If you keep poking the 800 lb gorilla eventually it will rip your head off if for no other reason than it feels it can’t lose face.

I hope there’s some organization out there that I’m not aware of. We outnumber them but at this point I don’t see the organization in the form of a militia force in every county that we should’ve had years ago.

We will have to eat out their foundations. A full-frontal attack would probably be needless suicide. We don’t need any more Pickett’s charges.

More from on site:

FK – So many others have been railroaded into prison by our evil beast system. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t gather before, in a way that couldn’t be misconstrued as ‘stealing’ government or ‘public’ property.

We need a militia in every county of this country that can simply show up, not necessarily with a show of force, every time some evil like this is perpetrated.

It’s ‘non-communist’ or ‘reactionary’ lives that don’t matter to that trash. Race is just a tool they use.

And always pack the proper gear!

Which may include more than a copy of the constitution:

FK – Every time his “Liberal”(commie) trash ‘friends’ vote they vote to kill him. I’d like to hear his legal over analyzed commentary on that.

I’m sure this guy has assimilated and regurgitated far more law than I nor any other ‘Jethro’ but the document does read ‘We the People’ not ‘we the shysters’ or ‘we the communists’ or ‘we the authoritarians’ of whatever stripe.

Regardless of all the nitpicking the Bill of Rights is what makes us exceptional.

I never was childish enough to think that whatever event kicked off the war would be a perfect example of ‘patriots standing up for their Liberty,’ but the opposite if we simply look at history.

We must have victory in our hearts and minds regardless of the circumstances, which will likely never be in our favor unless we make them so.

We’ll never have a perfect army or a ‘god’s army’ or a nation of voters who can regurgitate a paragraph from any document at random. What we need are fighters that can work together as a team against recognized enemies, that really are our enemies.

Militia antics aside, the mandatory minimum given to the Oregon ranchers is absurd

FK – The commie propagandists chime in:

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